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Cloud-Based HR & Payroll Software For Your Business

Complete HR & Payroll reducing hassle, human workload, easier management from just one .
Platform free cloud based software accessible from anywhere with any devices allows real-time activity monitoring.
Increase business productivity, reduce system errors & manages your HR department simply with one .

Efficient, Innovative Simplified Employee Management

Reduce Paperwork
Our HRMS collects employees necessary records eliminating manual records, filing cabinets etc.
Increase Efficiency
Our HRMS helps to reduce stress of HR department increasing efficiency & reducing time.
Precise Information
Stores employees information securely allowing you to access them anytime later on.
Employee Profile
Stores employees information in details & get a complete summary of employee.
Employee List
Detailed employee information listed by designation, department, status etc.
Employee Accounts
Managing employee accounts easily with records of payments & get complete summary of all transactions.

Automatic Online Attendance

Real Time Data Sync
Our software is integrated with attendance devices allowing quick real time synchronization of attendance data.
Employee Attendance
Easily submit attendance of your staffs with in/out times besides present, absent, late or leaves etc.
Employee Attendance Logs
Monitor all employees attendance from one place with all attendance history, in/out time & worked hours etc.
Detailed Attendance History
Get detailed attendance history employee wise along with total working days, in/out time, attendance status etc.
Attendance Report
View all employees attendance from one place displaying detailed view of attendance status, leaves etc.
Leave Settings
Manage easily all sorts of leaves by creating them from settings mentioning whether paid or unpaid leaves etc.

Smart & Easy Payroll Management

Multiple Payroll
Create bulk payment schedule by department, group etc. Faster & efficient payment for large groups.
Partial Payments System
Our software can process partial payments accurately for your organizations with faster delivery.
Automated Salary Calculation
No more manual calculatons of salary, leave it to the software to generate correct salary automatically.
Generate payslips to meet your client's requirement. Get detailed information of payment with deductions etc.
Summary Statement
Get detailed salary reports generated department wise etc. View employee salaries in seconds.
Refund Payment
Store funds & deduct the employee's salary when required & return it back to the employee when required.

Easy & Quick Leave Management

Leave Status
View the current leave status of all employee from one place with leave application, leave availability, approval request etc.
Leave Details
View detailed summary of all types of leave of your organization & view leave policy of each employee in a clear reporting format.
Leave Deduction
Get the proper leave information of employee allowing you to efficiently handle leave deductions if necessary.
Leave Carry
Software will carry forward the remaining leave within a certain period, later can be adjusted with the new period.
Leave Cash-In
Convert any remaining leave into cash, automatically generate all remainging leave into cash.
Online Portal
Employee can apply for leave from employee portal & know about the leave application status.

Robust Solution For Provident Fund

Auto Calculation
Our software allow you to automatically calculate all existing & previous provident funds.
Provident Fund Contribution
Deduct a small percentage of employee salary & convert them to provident fund
Provident Fund Distribution
Create refund rules & configure application to automatically calculate provident fund.
Provident Fund Analysis
View all provident fund history of each employee allowing you to control all funds & transactions.
Income Distribution
Get complete summary of income distributed to each employee or individual employee.
Gratuity Computation
Provide gratuity to deserving employees based on their performances for your organization within a certain time period.

Complete Disciplinary Management

Disciplinary Statement
Define all reason statements so that employee abide by the organizations discipline.
Show Cause
Generate application against employee breaking the discipline later decided by management
Warning Letter
Warn employee by warning letter for breaking the company policy so that he doesn't do it again.
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