Reviews of some of our valued clients

Dr. Manowar Hossain

The sincerity of Esteem Soft Limited motivated us to use the hospital management software “ARCH”. Another thing that motivated me to use the software is the stability of the company, which guarantees uninterrupted service to my organization. Arch is a sophisticated and standardized software through..

Dr M.A Majid

I have been using “Arch” hospital management software since 2017 to simplify all operations of my hospital. By using this software it is easy and time-saving for me to monitor all the activities of the hospital. Through this software, all necessary reports including operation management..

Dr. Jahangir Kabir

I have been using Esteem Soft Limited’s Arch software since the beginning of the Health Revolution. Since 2019 our Health Revolution management software is running, and all the departments are being well managed. Complex appointment management at Health Revolution is accessible through the website, every..

Md Saduzzaman Sadi

I have been using Arch Hospital Management Software from Esteem Soft Limited in Abedin Hospital since its inception and feel comfortable using it. Also, it is very user-friendly, we can monitor it from anywhere. Also can make decisions from there. So it is very useful..

Dr. Paresh Chandra

Our ‘Life General Hospital’ has Arch software setup from scratch. We have been using it for a long time. Our staff is satisfied using Arch software and I am also satisfied, we have not encountered any problems or errors since the beginning. I wish Esteem..

Dr. Abdul Zabber Mia

Habibullah Bahar College has started using the Institute Management Software “Witty” since 2020 which has made a huge difference between past and present management systems. There is no alternative to an Online Education Management System to create a dynamic and effective education system in this..

Obaidullah Nayan

Our DMRC College is one of the top ten institutes in H.S.C Result of the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, which has already established itself as an ideal college to ensure modern quality and modern education and meet the high expectations of respected..

Ashutosh Chandra

“Engineering University Girls School & College” run by BUET has been using Estim Soft Limited’s “Witty” software with confidence since 2017. Through the use of this software, various systems such as saving teacher-student information, creating results, collecting fees, an Android app on Google Play Store..

Saif Rahman

Witty is a great software for educational institutions. Easy to use and immediate results. Witty is unique because of the institution’s administrative work, account management, daily reading, and instant exam result publishing as well as the student-teacher-parent connection. Parents can pay student fees through Rocket..

Ashfak Jahangir

Witty is playing a vital role in managing our institution more efficiently & easily than before. Witty’s automatic attendance solution, lesson plan, homework, dairy notes, etc are very helpful & effective. With their android app now guardian can monitor their child’s progress anytime from their..

SK. Zillur Rahman

Iqra Bangladesh School was not able to be implemented even with the initiative of using different software several times. But by taking up the challenge Estim Soft Limited has been able to make all our academic and administrative activities simple, dynamic, and digitized by “Wity”..