School & College Management ERP Software

School & College Management ERP Software

Complete ERP Solution For Any Educational Institutes

We offer a variety of Educational Institute Cloud ERP solutions that are suitable for small, medium, and large educational institutes. We can also create custom solutions to meet your specific needs at a competitive price.

Witty is an educational institute management ERP software that is easy to use and helps educational institutes run more efficiently. It won the National ICT Award in 2018 for its role in modernizing the education sector and making it easier for educational institutes to operate.

Pioneer of Cloud-Based

Why choose Witty ERP?

Witty has embarked on a quest to resolve a variety of challenges that we face in running our own educational Institute.
Witty was created to solve the challenges that educational Institute administrators face in managing their educational institutes.
Witty will be a more streamlined, efficient, and effective digital solution for your Institute.

Central Point Solution

How Arch Will Modernize Your Hospital

Arch will simplify management tasks and processes.
Arch will make sure that patients receive better care.
Arch will improve the organization's bottom line by cutting costs.
Arch will stop people from wasting time and doing the same thing over and over again.
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Arch guarantees that all activities will be completely transparent.

Is your School up-to-date with the latest trends in Institute?


Single Point Solution

You will get all the solutions you need from our school college management software.

Special features

What is Witty's unique selling proposition (USP)?

Bank & Counter Solutions
Student Portal Android App
SMS Notification
Asset & Inventory
Transport Management
Student & Teachers Portal
Accounts Report/MIS
Files & Documents
Class Routine & Room Booking
Lesson Plan, Diary Notes, Homework
Office Management
Dynamic Website
Witty Modules

Witty's modules can make your work easier to do and help you avoid errors.

Academic Management

Student Management

Exam & Result Management

Student & General Accounts

HR & Payroll

Online Admission Management

Certification & Printing

Bank/Counter Solution

Accounts Report/MIS

Asset & Store Management

Transportation Management

Parents/Students & Teachers Portal

Office Management

Class Routine & Room Management

Lesson Plan & Homework